Learning, sharing, making a difference

August 4, 2006

This has been the first of the two weeks we came to the Yucatan Peninsula, and from the first moment we got here our World Heritage Alliance Employee Program has been full of energy and dedication. We couldn’t select a better team than our Fab Five, as I call them; Megan, Janice, Olger, Josh and Dustin are a perfect sample of what Expedia is all about . So energetic, positive and smart and with the soul needed for this program’s goal: to make a difference in the community of Sian Ka’an. Our first time together as a team was Sunday night,  we met for dinner with “Don Julio” from the UN who has worked with Maya communities for the last 10 years. He spoke about his experiences and recommendations  which included to keep a “sack of humor” during our two weeks experience… His words were very inspiring, reminding us to be happy at all times. Then on Monday we had our introduction to Sian Ka’an… a 6 hr tour around the biosphere. At night we were invited to a dinner downtown Tulum. Close to 40 members of the community came to welcome us.

Tuesday meeting with CTSK and talked about our projects. We had to speak English and Spanish simultaneously so that we were able to communicate. It’s amazing to see the interest from all the people who attended….


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