Punta Allen – Day 3: New Products and The Reunion (6/22/2006)

July 11, 2006

Another good night sleep.  I could get used to waking up to the sound of the ocean.

The first tour today is was for the fish trolling or deep sea fishing tour.  Janice has a great description of the tour in her blog entries so I will not get into much detail here.  After catching our first Mahi-Mahi (Yes Janice, mine was smaller! J) we had to take a seasick Janice back to shore.  I went back out for another try and managed to catch a decent size barracuda.  All fish were returned to the sea in accordance with the environmentally friendly catch-and-release nature of the operation.

Fish Trolling with the Professionals

Next we tried the kayaking tour through the canals and water ways of the bay among mangroves and in the vicinity of Bird
Island.  Gerardo, our guide, was eager to get our impressions on the tour and improve on it.  I really can’t see how he can improve.  This tour, as the others so far, proves to be well organized, informative, professional and thorough.  I only see that they may need better equipment and perhaps ways to store the kayaks in the point of destination.


Still Life with Kayaks and Mangrove

The kayaks allow us to get in areas that boats would not and soon we navigate through mangrove tunnels trying to spot animals and, hopefully, a boa or even the rare manatee.  The tour is not strenuous and I could see families enjoying something like this as well as avid kayakers.I really feel the need to sit down with someone at CTSK to see their cost structure in order to help out with the pricing strategy.

Dona Irma

Doña Irma and I – she’s a huggable person. J

Late that afternoon, we head back to Tulum.  I’m exhausted!  You would think that this is all fun and games.  And it is to a point.  But after four days of getting up early, rushing out to meetings, taking off on tours for the entire day and coming together at the end of the day to debrief, discuss and plan next steps… your body and mind begin to feel it!  So I sleep for most of the trajectory back to Tulum in spite of the bumpy road.  We arrive at Maya Tankah early evening covered in sweat, salt and dust… a picture out of some adventure show.  Janice and I agree that a shower is in order before anything else and, unfortunately, because of some misunderstanding we miss a conference call with Laura and the team scheduled for that evening.

It feels good to be back together with team (all but Dustin who is touring the peninsula on a sales trip).  I feel we are growing into a cohesive group learning to work as parts of a whole.  We meet and discuss our parts… there are many questions on the table but we can see that something is starting to take shape.


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