Punta Allen – A Product Named Paradise (6/20/2006)

July 11, 2006

Janice, Dustin and I came to Punta Allen to try some of the “products” offered here.  It still sounds strange to call these tours a product.  It’s almost irreverent!

We left Tulum in the afternoon of the 20th to travel south on a tongue of land that at times seems no wider than 50 feet with the Caribbean to our left and the waters of Bahia de la Ascención to our right.  The bumpy van ride took about 1 1/2 hours on a dirt road once wiped out by Hurricane Wilma and now rebuilt almost entirely.

Punta Allen actually sits on an island (at its southern-most point) connected to the mainland by a short bridge.  The town still gets its electricity from generators and we were warned that there would be no power between midnight and 6 a.m.  Considering that when there is no power there is no running water either, that could prove challenging.  But hey… a bag full of good humor!

When we finally arrived at Punta Allen we couldn’t believe our eyes.  This is a rustic town kissed by the most pristine ocean waters I have ever seen.  Palapas, traditional homes made out of wood walls and topped with grass or palm roofs, intermix with more contemporary cinder block constructions, a little church awaits with its doors wide open, a restaurant painted in bright purples and oranges seems closed for the season.  The town exudes a welcoming and relaxing air. 

 Traditional Palapa

Traditional Palapa

Palapa Penthouse

Palapa Penthouse


Colorful Restaurant


A Cozy Church

Our accommodations are palapas sitting on stilts above the ground which keeps some creeters out and allows for a more steady flow of air to keep the inside cool.  Oh yes… no air conditioning here!  Mosquito nets drape our beds and the rooms come equipped with matches, candles and citronella incense… we’re definitely in “mosquito land.”  It’s exciting to be here!

Sunset in Punta Allen

Sunset in Punta Allen

After a delicious dinner prepared by a charming sweet woman named doña Irma, we headed back to our rooms to turn in for the night.  The rooms are hot even at night and the welcome breeze is hardly enough to keep us cool.  I write a little in my journal and then get to bed after fighting with the incense to figure out how to keep it from burning the place down.

– Olger


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