It’s a wrap…

July 4, 2006

Well, I’ve been back for two days now.  I can’t get over what an incredible two weeks we had in Mexico.  We were able to help CTSK make a lot of improvements on their website, help them develop future product offerings and help them start to build relationships with more hotels.

All of this while working with an incredibly talented group of people from Expedia, Inc.  What a great opportunity to get to know some of the really smart, cool people within our company that I wouldn’t normally work with!  Not only that, but it was great to get to meet Kate and Art from the UN and all the really fantastic people at CTSK.

We’ve still got some wrapping up to do – mainly to ensure that we are able to learn from our experiences and apply them to future trips, but also to tie up some loose ends with our recommendations.

All in all, despite some of the bumps along the way (mainly the whole no power/water thing), the trip was a fantastic success and I hope the rest of the group enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working with them.  🙂



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