June 29, 2006

Finally we’ve got something to show. A lot of things to show, actually. I’ve spent the last couple days squaring up the code of one of CTSKs designs, and creating page templates. With Megan translating we were able to show our CTSK team how to clone the templates and add the appropriate content to the pages. Now, about 70% of the site is looking much more professional than before, and the last 30% shouldn’t be far behind.

Tomorrow we’re presenting our outline for where the CTSK site could go in the future. Early in the process I drafted a site maps and some wireframes, and though I hoped to create some mockups of a revised homepage, our focus on tidying the current site just didn’t leave me enough time. Hotwire UI Team to the rescue! I’d been keeping my team looped in about the project, and I guess they got sick of listening to me whine about the time constraints, because Tuesday morning my manager, Ryan Sims, emailed that our rockstar visual designer, Virnard Magpantay, had some cycles to spare. I bundled up all the CTSK links and collateral I could find, plus an extremely rough wireframe of the homepage, and sent it off. Bada-bing bada-bang, and at the end of the day Virnard fires back a design that everyone agrees is awesome. Ryan asked why we couldn’t have Virnard here, too. Aside from the fact that he’s not a huge fan of Mexican food, I think it would be great. Maybe the next one?

The power’s been down at our hotel, so we’re working out of the CTSK office in Tulum. Every now and then the air in our office at Hotwire goes down. The office gets warm and stuffy, and I’m usually the first one to email our facilities team. Well, not after this week. Warm and stuffy is nothing. I’m sitting just 8-inches from a floor fan today, and beads of sweat are still rolling down my back. It’s been a good lesson in how much we all take for granted those little creature comforts of home, and we all keep reminding ourselves of the advice Julio gave us on our first night here—always carry a big bag and keep if filled with good humor.

View from Observation Deck @ CESIAK’s Hotel 


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