It’s a process, people…

June 25, 2006

I'm a thousand times more comfortable with our current plan for the web project than I was when I hit the ground last week. The initial thinking was basically crazy—Megan and I were going to try to cobble together a development team from any and all resources on hand. That would've meant Megan coding, the Biz Dev Duo writing copy, and Dustin comping in Photoshop. We'd have to draft the hotel staff as well, putting the Chef in charge of QA, the Front Desk would take on the project management, the Concierge would direct the creative. The bartender we wouldn't move, he'd be fine right where he is… What we're doing instead—focusing on gathering requirements and developing schematics—makes a lot more sense.


Yesterday Megan and I met with Fernando, Paulina and Christian at the CTSK office and laid it out for them. Developing a new design for CTSK requires a pretty specific skill set, one they don't have in their office, but part of the program's objective is to enable them towards working independently. It doesn't make sense for them to become fluent at coding—their business is tours, and the web is just a tool to that ends. But they do want the ability to update their message, and keep their product descriptions current. The current site suffers from Multiple Personality Design Disorder—there are 3 very different look and feels, and new visitors probably get quite confused. We decided to help them address this more urgent issue by aligning around one of the 3 designs (we opted for the design that had already been applied to the most pages). I did a couple quick comps of how the other 2 variants could look after applying what we chose as the primary design, and basically said, "Make the other pages look like this." Paulina and Christian are both pretty new to HTML, but they both have been studying on their own, and are eager to learn more.

In other news, it rained last night, and it's ridiculously humid this morning.


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