When in Mexico…

June 24, 2006

As Dustin’s blog tells, we spent yesterday afternoon in Playa del Carmen assessing the competition, their sales tactics and product offering. There is a distinct competitive disadvantage here as the competition’s prices are lower and they very much misrepresent what Sian Ka’an is and what you can do there. When we asked if we could swim with the wild dolphins (which is strictly prohibited) the tour operator told us, “yes, of course.” It was very sad, to tell the truth.

Playa del Carmen


When we returned from Playa del Carmen, the power and water were not working at the hotel. Only safety lights allowed us to see our way through the hotel. However, to keep everyone happy the hotel had a great Mariachi band playing in the open air restaurant. I think we found Elvis…he joined a Mexican Mariachi band. J

Mariachi Elvis


Today Olger and I are putting together our thoughts on the current and new products, researching competitive pricing and trying to nail down costs. We’ll be in the office most of the day…at least the view is ok.

Office office view

Later this afternoon we are meeting with the folks from CTSK to review our suggestions, etc.  

PS: The mosquitoes are bad today.


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