Hmm…which tour to take?

June 24, 2006

Janice and Olger returned from Punta Allen the night before last, so yesterday was the first day we were all in the office together.  It was great to synch up and share with one another the things we’ve learned thus far about the challenges and opportunities we see in the project.  All of our respective roles in the project overlap quite a bit, so working together and sharing ideas has really be a fun part of this experience.  Expedia has become so large that we often tend to work in silos.  Not here!  We’re sharing ideas for content, sales strategies, the look and feel of the website, etc.  We feel like a .com startup.


In the afternoon we went to Playa del Carmen to do some recon and see what CTSK’s competitors are up to.  We have our work cut out for us!  One thing about the Riviera Maya – it’s not hard to find something to do.  We had tour operators soliciting us right and left from

5th Avenue

(Playa’s main tourist trap) to book their tours.  But we have some great ideas that no doubt will put CTSK on the map in a big way.  These other guys won’t know what hit them!


This morning I’m leaving Maya Tankah to start a sales tour (for lack of a better word) around the

Peninsula with a group of folks from CTSK, Expedia, UNF and UNESCO.  We’ll be meeting with Hotels and Tour Operators from the area to get them interested in the World Heritage Alliance (WHA) and encourage them to support community based organizations like CTSK.  Laura has been doing similar meetings with hotels in
Cancun the past few days and has had phenomenal success.


We’ll be in Calakmul (camping, I’m told), Campeche, Merida and
Cancun for these WHA training meetings.  Not sure about the internet access in these areas (Calakmul, specifically), so I’ll send an update when I’m back on the grid.




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