Blogging, WHA-style + Scope vs Schedule vs Resources

June 22, 2006

I'm a bit backed up on my blogging, especially from the first few days when our schedules were pretty packed. I've been catching up by transcribing and posting my notes in the moring, back dating the posting stamp so the entry follows the chronology. This means if you've already been reading the blog and you scroll down you might find something new.

Our schedules have been pretty busy, and it looks like Megan and I can expect to be much busier in the up coming days. I'd originally hoped to develope UI and a visual design that CTSK's web staff could execute on, but since they don't exactly have a web staff it looks, and since the end goal is to hook them up with a new site, it looks like I'll be coding, too. There are a couple people working in the CTSK office who do have some basic HTML proficiency, and they'll be managing content updates, so the final deliverable will have to match their level of experience–just simple, static HTML pages. This is a good thing for me, since I don't code much these days, so I won't get bogged down in the weeds of debuggery. Given our schedule and looming deadline (just over 7 days away), delivering even a static site will be a feat.

I striked the above paragraph rather than delete it to give a sense of how we're putting things together as we go. Ramping up and trying to contribute at the same time is a special kind of challenge, and changes in direction are par for the course.
For example:

After a check in call with Laura and Erika (from the UN), Megan and I are a bit more comfortable with the limitations of what we can do here in the time allowed. Rather than try to give CTSK the budget version of an Extreme Makeover, we're going to spend more time on developing requirements for a site redesign. Trying to do more pitted the usual suspects–scope, schedule and resources–against each other, with us caught in the middle. I do think I can spend a bit of time tidying up CTSK's current site, and fixing broken links, but a full redesign will follow a more disciplined process. When we get back, I'm sure we'll also be trying to enlist time and creativity from talented fellow co-workers.


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