And the deadline just gets closer…

June 22, 2006

Josh and I have been meeting with the folks at CTSK each morning to review the previous day's work and discuss next steps.  They've been incredibly responsive in collecting the information we need for the site and sharing it with us.

One of the struggles we're having is what exactly success looks like.  I think Josh mentions this in one of his posts, but it's quite a lot for the two of us to create an entirely new website for them in two weeks.  At the moment we're tossing around the idea of instead providing them with a complete design and implementation plan rather than the entire website…more to come as that discussion progresses.

Today after our meeting at the CTSK office we went to eat at a Yucatecan restaurant they recommended to us.  I had relleno negro, which is turkey filled with ground pork and hard boiled egg in some sort of bean soup (i think).  Dustin and Josh had queso relleno which is cheese stuffed with ground beef, olives and…some other stuff.  Then we went across the street for dessert and had elote (corn) ice cream, which was quite tasty.  After that we headed back to the hotel for more work on the website.



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