Another beautiful day in Tulum

June 21, 2006

As I write this, Josh and I are sitting under the palm roof at the open air restaurant in our hotel.  They graciously setup wireless access for us so we're able to work out here with a beautiful view of the ocean and the pool.  They also set up an office for us, but unless the weather turns bad or the wireless stops working, I can't see myself moving indoors anytime soon.  🙂

 Last night Josh and I went to dinner in Tulum with Laura and Kate at a place called El Mariachi.  They were super nice and the food was good (and Mexican, which is a plus!)  We had guacamole, queso fundido, tacos al pastor, ceviche de camarones, arrachera enchilada (grilled pork marinated in a chile marinade or rub) and un poco de tequila con sangrita, which is a mix of lime juice, tomato sauce and chile.  It was all good and there was a mariachi band too (though they were charging ten dollars per song, so we passed…and contemplated becoming mariachis.

Yesterday morning we went to the Community Tours Sian Ka'an (CTSK) office in Tulum and met with all of our counterparts there.  Josh and I started work on the website and will be going back each morning to meet with our counterparts, present what we've done and get feedback.

The overwhelming impression I've had so far is that this is a place of incredible natural beauty.  It's no wonder there have been civilizations here for thousands of years.

Anyway, all the other groups have headed in various directions (many to do the tour in Punta Allen, Laura to Cancun, Kate to Belize with Art).  We go in a few minutes to meet with our counterparts at CTSK, then it's back to the hotel to make some good progress on the website for CTSK.



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