Wow! On the first day…and electrical fire!

June 20, 2006

Our first full day at Sian Ka’an was full of adventure! We started the day with a 2 hour hike through the jungle. Incredible. I was immediately struck by the overwhelming sound of birds. There are hundreds of species. I felt like I was at the zoo where they pipe in the sound…except it was real! The mosquitoes were also in abundance but bug spray came to our rescue.

Throughout the jungle we came upon several Maya ruins. One was a tall castle to observe the stars. We climbed to the top and the view over the jungle was spectacular. Next we came to a large lake…but they call it a lagoon. We boarded boats and cruised across the lagoon to a narrow canal that was craved by the Maya hundreds of years ago. The canal opened into another larger lagoon. Simply beautiful. At one point, we all got out of the boats and floated down the canal in our life jackets. There are many, many ways to where a life jacket in
Mexico. Most of us choose to wear them with our legs through the arm holes like a diaper. Not attractive but effective. J

We got back in the boats and headed toward the ocean. Then we stopped for lunch and then headed to a cenote for some snorkeling and swimming. Most of us avoided getting sunburned…except for a few shoulders here and there.

We returned to the hotel for a shower and then headed off to dinner with the members of the Sian Ka’an community and other participants in the program. There were roughly 40 of us at dinner. The night was capped by an electrical fire in the building next door and a power outage. No worries! We all just walked outside, watched the emergency vehicles and continued our conversations. When in

Today we’re headed to the Sian Ka’an offices for an orientation and then off to Punta Allen about 3 hours south of Tulum. Punta Allen is known for its fly fishing and wild dolphins.

I wonder what is going to happen today…


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